CampusBoom is an online student’s platform that helps in socialization, Keeps you up with school friends. You can share stories, video and photos, and stay connected to your campus.

We have some of these Features for you.

1. Stay connected with your campus and what is happening within it.
2. E-learning solution for students, enroll to your choice of course for free.
3. Result management system for students.
4. Jamb Students and pre-degree student’s space.
4. Projects and Seminars Research materials available for download by students.
5. Connect with school friends and meet new people on CampusBoom.
6. Share memories, videos, and your favorite pictures.
7. Get notifications when friends like and comment on your posts
8. Play games on CampusBoom
9. Backup School Result on cloud to access it any time.
10. Buy and sell on CampusBoom Marketplace
12. You earn point when you post, comment or reviews, and it can be converted to your wallet balance for withdrawal